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Portable Drinking Bubbler Unit

Each trailer has 4 taps allowing four people to refill or drink at the same time. All taps are watermarked as well as being trigger release, when a person lets go of the tap the water flow stops. This helps to stop excess water flowing onto the ground at your event.

Portable Bottle Refill Unit

Refill your water bottle or any vessel able to hold water from these easy to use units. The units are designed to interconnect together. Set up one, stand alone unit, or many to make a wall of water stations all running from the same mains water source. Each unit is lightweight and stows away into a durable bag that carries all the unit’s accessories.

Wing Banner

At busy events it can be challenging to find the location of different items you are looking for. Sydney Water can provide a 2m or 3m outdoor teardrop banner to highlihgt your water station. These are set-up with the required ballast to ensure they are safe and do not become a hazard when unattended.

1m Cable Ramp

Stock black and yellow cable ramp to cover water hosing as required. Sydney water provide an allowance of 20m per event site. If you water stations are over 20m water from the water source you will need to cover an excess hosing as requried to ensure its safe for the public attending the event.

60 stock total