Portable Bottle Refill Unit


Refill your water bottle or any vessel able to hold water from these easy to use units. The units are designed to interconnect together. Set up one, stand alone unit, or many to make a wall of water stations all running from the same mains water source. Each unit is lightweight and stows away into a durable bag that carries all the unit’s accessories.

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Unit has a water fillable plastic base for additional ballast/stability. Size: 130 x 47 x 50cm Weight: 20kg
Accessible Wheelchair, disability and children accessible. Lower, easy to press stainless steel taps and accessible drinking nozzles. Dual sided and compliant with AS 1428.1 2009. The units each have Inbuilt digital water flow meter's with read out. We can see how much water is consumed or plastic bottles saved during an event.